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How To Claim

When submitting a claim, please ensure that you fill in all the required fields in the below form(s) are complete.

Once you have completed your form, please submit to

Alternatively you can submit your claim via:

  • Calling us directly: +267 390 1800 a representative will assist you Fax your completed claim to: +267 390 0282
  • Submit your claim by contacting your broker directly

Death Claims Process

Step 1: Claim notification by client Notification can be done through the following methods: 

  1. Walk-ins
  2. Email
  3. Telephone call
  4. Whatsapp

Claim notification must be done within 6 month of the death 

Step 2: The following documents must be submitted for the claim to be processed:

  1.   Completed Claim Form 
  2. Certified Death Certificate 
  3. Police Report if accidental death
  4. Affidavit of name change if names do not match on relevant documents 
  5. KYC Documents

    a. Certified Copy of ID 

    b. Proof of residence

    c. Proof of Income 

  6. Proof of account for beneficiary 

Supporting document for claims should be submitted within a year of the death 

Step 3: Assessment and payment of claim in less than 48 hours

Cashback Claims Process

Step 1: Bona Life alerts client that a cashback is due to him/her Step

 2: The following documents must be submitted for a cashback claim: 

  1. Completed Cashback Form 
  2.  KYC Documents 

    a. Certified Copy of ID 

    b. Proof of residence 

    c. Proof of Income 

  3. Proof of account for policyholder

Step 3: Assessment and payment of claim in less than 72 hours

Claim Forms

Select from our available claim sheets. Please fill out via your computer or by printing and scanning your handwritten document.

Claims Form
Death Benefits Questionaire
Certificate of Existense


How do I make amendments to my policy?

Fill out an amendment form supplied by Bona Life, and attach relevant supporting documents based on the nature of the amendment. For example:

  • Addition of a child to policy – birth certificate
  • Change of name- marriage, divorce decree or affidavit
  • Change of bank- new banking details 
How do I get my statement for my investment or savings policy?

Send a request to client service team via the various touchpoints (walk-ins, email, Whatsapp, Facebook, telephone) to prepare a policy valuation. Policy valuation will be shared via your preferred medium.

How do I cede my policy for a loan?

Send a request to cede policy to Bona Life and on confirmation of policy status, you will complete a cession form. Attach the KYC forms and policy documents will be prepared showing the cession. This is what you will take to the bank to complete the cession.

How do I surrender my investment or savings policy?

Submit KYC documents, Complete surrender form, write surrender letter & attach bank statement for account that the money will be deposited to.