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How do I make amendments to my policy?

Fill out an amendment form supplied by Bona Life, and attach relevant supporting documents based on the nature of the amendment. For example:

  • Addition of a child to policy – birth certificate
  • Change of name- marriage, divorce decree or affidavit
  • Change of bank- new banking details 
How do I get my statement for my investment or savings policy?

Send a request to client service team via the various touchpoints (walk-ins, email, Whatsapp, Facebook, telephone) to prepare a policy valuation. Policy valuation will be shared via your preferred medium.

How do I cede my policy for a loan?

Send a request to cede policy to Bona Life and on confirmation of policy status, you will complete a cession form. Attach the KYC forms and policy documents will be prepared showing the cession. This is what you will take to the bank to complete the cession.

How do I surrender my investment or savings policy?

Submit KYC documents, Complete surrender form, write surrender letter & attach bank statement for account that the money will be deposited to.

Do I receive anything if I terminate my funeral cover?

There is no refund for cancelling funeral policy. Letter of cancellation required and one has to fill Bona cancellation form. Refund is only processed when the policy has collected after cancellation documents have been received or when cancellation is within cooling off period.

Can I get a loan against my policy?

No. Currently we do not have that arrangement. However, if your policy is a savings product you are eligible for a periodic partial withdrawal. 

How long does it take to receive payment on a claim?

48 hours or less upon receipt of all the required documents.

How long do I have to notify Bona Life of a claim?

Notify the Bona Life about claim within 6 months of the claim event.

How do I get claim forms especially if I am outside Gaborone?

Contact us and we will email, Whatsapp or send via postal address the relevant forms. Another option is to download forms directly from our website.

What should I do if I receive a message that my policy is about to lapse/or has lapsed?

Deposit arrears into provided Bona Life  accounts and inform client service team of the deposit by sending proof of payment via WhatsApp or email.

How do I lodge or escalate a complaint

Call Bona Life office, write an email or letter, following the Complaints escalation procedure (attached)

Complaints Escalation Procedure.pdf

How do I update my KYC?

Download forms from our website or contact the office. Forward the required documents via email or submit at the office. Our KYC email address is

How do I as an annuitant show that I am still alive hence eligible to continue getting monthly pension?

Complete certificate of Existence form, attach certified copy of Omang. Submit the documents at the office or by email.