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Solutions Tailored To Meet Your Needs

Our business is to help in every aspect of your life. Explore the insurance solutions we offer to meet your everyday needs.

Monyadi Wedding Plan
When life is filled with momentous milestones such as weddings, birth of a child and even graduation, be sure that you are prepared
Thebe Funeral Plan
An affordable and flexible funeral solution to help you in times of grief and uneasiness.
Retirement Annuity
Plan ahead to enjoy peace of mind during your retirement with a steady stream of income from our annuity plan.
BonaLife Mortgage Protection Plan
In case of your passing, this plan protects your land and home assets so that your loved ones are taken care of.

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All it takes is just one click to start your journey with us.


How do I make amendments to my policy?

Fill out an amendment form supplied by Bona Life, and attach relevant supporting documents based on the nature of the amendment. For example:

  • Addition of a child to policy – birth certificate
  • Change of name- marriage, divorce decree or affidavit
  • Change of bank- new banking details 
How do I get my statement for my investment or savings policy?

Send a request to client service team via the various touchpoints (walk-ins, email, Whatsapp, Facebook, telephone) to prepare a policy valuation. Policy valuation will be shared via your preferred medium.

How do I cede my policy for a loan?

Send a request to cede policy to Bona Life and on confirmation of policy status, you will complete a cession form. Attach the KYC forms and policy documents will be prepared showing the cession. This is what you will take to the bank to complete the cession.

How do I surrender my investment or savings policy?

Submit KYC documents, Complete surrender form, write surrender letter & attach bank statement for account that the money will be deposited to.