Thebe Funeral Cover

In your time of bereavement, the Thebe Funeral Plan will ease the financial burden. This low-cost plan is payable within 48 hours from the time of death notification of the insured. Death is inevitable and the Thebe Funeral Cover ensures that a family is financially prepared for the passing of a loved one.

Available to both individuals and groups, the Funeral Plan can be customised to your needs i.e. number of dependants, funeral costs, extended family members.

5 Good Reasons to invest in This Product

  • Quick claim turnaround time of 48 hours
  • Your extended family members are covered
  • The funeral cover is at least P15,000
  • There is a 50% discount on the premium for the first child, parent and extended family member
  • Your family will be able to maintain their standard of living even in the event of your passing
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