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Monyadi Wedding Plan

A wedding is a happy occasion that should be celebrated with splendour. Wedding expenses however have the potential to start a young couple off on their new journey in debt. Monyadi Wedding Plan is designed to address this need by leaving the couple with the peace of mind of knowing

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Thebe Funeral Cover

In your time of bereavement, the Thebe Funeral Plan will ease the financial burden. This low-cost plan is payable within 48 hours from the time of death notification of the insured. Death is inevitable and the Thebe Funeral Cover ensures that a family is financially prepared for the passing of

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Pula Cash Back

A cash injection is always welcome. The Pula Plan is a method of saving towards a rainy day, that holiday you’ve always dreamt of or maybe even home renovations. Whatever your reasons, the Pula Plan provides various pay outs amounts that will depend on your investment or premium. The timing

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Leungo Pension Plan

Even if you have a pension plan at work, one can never be too ready for retirement. Putting away a little aside using the Leungo Pension Plan, whether as a sole retirement plan or to supplement others will eliminate financial difficulties when you are no longer working. Upon retirement, one

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Home Service

We understand that one does not always have the time to visit their broker, this is why our brokers come to your house and workplace. Arrange a time and place for a meeting with one of our brokers and provide the following details;

  • Name
  • Policy number
  • Physical address
  • Telephone number

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